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In book two, the talented, ambitious Lily Seger has just finished her MBA and moved to Washington, DC to launch her career. Lily’s life changes when her friends Ben and Ginny invite her to a dinner party at their apartment where she meets Winston Sharpe, an equally ambitious and handsome internal medicine doctor. Lily and Win’s attraction is immediate and sensual. But when Lily is pulled to San Francisco for a once in a lifetime career opportunity, she and Win must decide where to turn. A fun ride, both in the bed and across the country, Lily grapples with the question of steering her own ship in this world.

Through no fault of her own, Clara Mitchell has always had it harder than her dear friends Ginny and Lily, but she’s always had her feet fully on the ground and her heart is clear. Clara is too careful to ever get involved with someone for the wrong reasons and smart enough to know how many wrong reasons there can be.Henry Seger has loved Clara since he was a boy. An irrepressible optimist, all heart and no discipline, Henry flunks out of graduate school and returns home hoping to win Clara’s love and desire. In book three, as their relationship heats up, Clara enjoys Henry’s free, sexy spirit, but questions whether a life with Henry would offer enough stability.When the successful entrepreneur, Caleb Hill also falls for Clara, Henry is in danger of losing the love of his life. Will Henry get it together in time or does time wait for no one?

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