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Re- , Again and Again, Romance Redux

Revival, reassurance, redux, relationship ... all “re” words. There are so many.

Resplendent, one of my favorite words means characterized by a glowing splendor, splendid and sumptuous x 2. re. The resplendent sky, the resplendent bird, his resplendent fire-blue eyes gazing into mine move me so. How beautiful.

Re- is potent. It is one of the unique aspects of being human. Again. Every day is again. The sun comes up. The sun goes down. Our mind toils with the day.

We return

We repeat

We love

Our love returns

Our love repeats and grows stronger

Re-tell. People love to retell their stories and I love to listen. There is a certain magic in the re-telling, which details are remembered and which are left behind. There is a certain and separate magic to the reliving that happens in the retell.

Tell me a love story ….

I did not know what I was going to say to my son the other night at bedtime. Then I told him a version of the lullaby I wanted to hear, one that says everything is going to be okay. Reassurance … just the word has a reassuring ring to it.

And in all his sweetness, he received so gracefully that everything, indeed, was going to be alright. And he fell softly to sleep. Revisiting the day in his nighttime reveries.

Re-wind. I print something most days and today a picture of my grandparents rests on the printer. It is one of my favorites. To be able to rewind and be with them again. What a gift that would be to go back in time. So often I want to revisit them. Revisit the ones I love. Those I miss.

One aspect I love about the ritual of yoga is how you revisit the same poses on the same mat over and over again. And with the repetition comes an internal and external release over time, day to day, through the movement, in 'the again'.

A key to writing is the ritual of it. Sun up, sun down. A key to meditation and running is the ritual, the re- of it all.

Water is the ultimate 'again'- set in its constant movement and cycle of flow, evaporation, condensation. It’s recycle. The waves, the river.

Lily strives to be like the river. To come again. To flow again. To reinvent herself, to resurrect love.

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