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"Too pretty to be true..."

I like to read biographies, and I have recently finished a biography about Albert Einstein. In turns out that he thought in images. For example, he would complete experiments in his head, mini movies of how an experiment might go. If a human could run as fast as the speed of light, what would they see? These feats of imagination or magic allowed for him to think really expansively. Einstein was also known for asking simple questions. And as the mathematician Bronowski said, "and what his (Einstein's) life showed, and his work, is that when the answers are simple too, then you hear god thinking." I love that idea. Take Pythagorean's Theorem- a squared + b squared= c squared... every time. It's just how triangles work in this world. James Watson who discovered the double-helix of DNA described it as, "too pretty to be true." When these mental giants found themselves overthinking it, they would re-direct and often find that the answer was simple and beautiful and right there.

That is what I love about romance books. As romance writers, we are hounded for keeping it too formulaic, predictable, etc... I love writing romance because of it's inherent simplicity. I get to write about stories that are 'too pretty to be true'. That's the point. That's love. I have finished the first draft of book three and it feels great! In a few months the trilogy will be complete, printed, bound, and on the shelf- and in my eyes... 'too pretty to be true'.

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