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Not Flaws... Adornments

Not flaws. adornments. The word finally came to me. To me the imperfections are, in fact, adornments. I look for the adornments such as wrinkles or messy morning hair or scars in my characters and my writing indulges in them. They shape my characters.

There is a Keith Richards documentary that details his softer, more poetic side. His face is so intense and wrinkled, like the way water digs out a canyon. His face tells an amazing story. And when he smiles, you can see clearly that a lot of the wrinkles are from a place of child-like wonderment. It's a full-faced smile.

To me one of the privileges of love is the deep study and appreciation of the adornments that make us rare, not pretty but rare. What's pretty about the Earth are it's canyons, valley, craters, mountains, etc... It's dramatic features and unique spots. To me, people are the same. The more adornments, the more there is to love.

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